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Fresh and local meets classic and creative.

Capt. Mike Meets Jennifer Lynn

In 2012, Captain William Michael Harden founded LobsterCraft. “Captain Mike” (as his friends and customers call him) is a Coast Guard Captain and licensed Lobster fisherman. In 2006, Captain Mike fell in love with Jennifer Lynn – a sturdy, handmade 38’ WESMAC lobster boat that could (and still does!) handle anything the Long Island Sound throws her way.

Based out of Groton, the Jennifer Lynn works our line of deep-water lobster traps east of Montauk in the Atlantic Ocean. Lobstermen like to say, “The colder the water, the sweeter the meat!” which is exactly what LobsterCraft is all about.


First The Boat Then The Truck

Realizing a void in fresh, local lobster, Captain Mike purchased a truck in 2012 and began rolling, literally starting off with private parties and street vending from his truck. A lobster truck? You bet – one that wins local awards like Best of Fairfield County, and national recognition as the Food Network’s Flavored Nation’s “best lobster roll in the country.


Right Now We’re On a… Roll

What started on a boat, then in a truck, has grown to two brick-and-mortar Fairfield County locations – one in Fairfield, one in Greenwich. Our truck is still rolling for private parties, corporate events and such, and Mike and crew would be happy to craft your next event into a hot-buttered lobster-fest.