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Lobster Rolls


This award-winning roll is LobsterCraft’s take on the CT State Sandwich. Hot, buttered lobster, topped with a dash of the Captain’s Pinch in a perfectly toasted bun. THIS is the roll that started it all—the one that Flavored Nation named “The Best CT-Style Hot Buttered Lobster in the Country!

Heat Wave

One of our most popular rolls—a hot lobster dressed with our amazing Serrano & Habanero pepper infused butter for just the right amount of spice. Accented with a dash of the Captain’s Pinch and served in a perfectly toasted bun.


Lobster, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Amazingly delicious hot, buttered lobster, with fresh, crisp romaine lettuce, diced garden tomatoes, perfectly cooked bacon, and topped with our custom garlic aioli. Add to that a dash of the Captain’s Pinch and serve it in our signature toasted roll— need we say more?


Lobster topped with our house-made wasabi soy sauce (instead of butter), garnished with thinly sliced cucumber and avocado, and served on our signature toasted split top roll. Light and delicious, the California Roll is what dreams are made of.

Surf N Turf

“Meat” the king of rolls—delicious, sweet claw and knuckle lobster seasoned with the Captain’s Pinch, topped with marinated flank steak shaved over a perfectly toasted roll, and finished with our garlic aioli. Get the best of both worlds with the Surf N Turf.

Flight of Sliders

Get all the goods in one decadent sampler. The Flight includes 1 Mini Coastal, 1 Mini Heat Wave, and 1 Mini Dirty Maynard. If you’re craving lobster but not sure how you want it, these sliders will satisfy your hunger and help you decide on a new favorite.

Dirty Maynard

Our take on the “Maine-style” cold lobster salad roll. Enjoy delicious knuckle and claw lobster meat, garnished with farm fresh onions, carrots, and celery on a bed of lettuce, dressed in seasoned mayonnaise, and on top of our signature toasted roll. The best of New England, locally available.

Lobster Tacos

Your choice of either corn or flour soft tacos, filled with our delicious knuckle and claw lobster meat, lime-tomato chutney, avocado, and seasoned with the Captain’s Pinch.

Lobster Mac N Cheese

Savory. Decadent. Cheesy. This dish is everything and more. Get mac and house-made four cheese sauce served with chunks of our signature lobster, a dash of the Captain’s Pinch, and finished with our seasoned Panko crumbs. Your mouth’s watering just reading this, isn’t it?


Clam Chowder

New England, Newport style Clam Chowder is why they invented the “cheat day.” Made from scratch every day with locally sourced Copps Island clams from Norm Bloom & Sons, this is the creamiest, tastiest, and freshest Clam Chowder in Connecticut.

Lobster Bisque

Winner of the Best Lobster Bisque at Chowdafest, this dish is made with the Captain’s gluten-free recipe, though you’d never have guessed it. Seasoned with a dash of hot Hungarian paprika and served with chunks of juicy lobster, you couldn’t get fresher if you were swimming in the ocean.

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