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June 2017


Flavored Nation’s Pick for Most Iconic Connecticut Lobster Roll

What is a Connecticut-style lobster roll? Believe it or not, there’s a right way to do a lobster roll around these parts, and Captain Mike is a pro. Serving up “pretty damn good rolls” for the better part of two decades, Captain Mike started out in the Coast Guard, earning the title and his sea legs before meeting his lobster boat, the Jennifer Lynn. Not long after, his vision took from the sea to the shore, and in 2012 the first LobsterCraft food truck began rolling.

A hidden gem in Connecticut, LobsterCraft got its chance to shine under the spotlight when the crew at Flavored Nation came to visit. On a hunt to find the most iconic dishes of every state, culinary expert Bobby Parrish came out to the truck to taste the state sandwich: the Connecticut-style lobster roll, or “the best thing you’ll have in the country.”

Learn more about all the nuances of crafting the perfect roll: